In our previous blog, ‘Renewables. Does it still pay for Poultry Producers?’, we investigated Cargills European Poultry business and established some of the reasons why 80% of Cargill’s Poultry Producers had deployed Solar PV on their UK Poultry Buildings.

In this blog, we will look at a typical 50KW Solar PV investment to discover what is the likely payback.

With the equipment costs for Solar PV falling significantly in the last few years, we would benchmark a price of just under £1,000 per KW for the capital costs including installation. A 50KW system in a typical UK year will produce annual revenues of approximately £6,400 and will save some 26t of CO2 per annum.

Based on the current 2016 Government 20-year guaranteed Feed in Tariff (FiT) the system would generate some £212,000 revenue over the twenty year period and deliver an electricity price for the Poultry Unit of 3p per KWh.

Payback for the investment would be around 7 ½ years.

The following table sets out the maths.

Please note the £50k investment also enjoys tax write-downs with an immediate 20% tax saving for a Poultry Producer in profit. For Producers wanting lower electricity bills, but without the cash to invest, there is also a plentiful range of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) available.

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Figures courtesy of Caplor Energy.