Thursday, April 4, 2019

2020 may seem a long way off however, it will soon come round. The Red Tractor chicken scheme requires members to have windows fitted in all buildings which house birds by October 2020. Red Tractor said it had made the decision because consumers had come to expect welfare measures such as windows. In market research into consumer behaviour, welfare is repeatedly listed as one of the top concerns for shoppers when they are buying meat. If you need help and a quotation to update any of your sheds that currently do not comply give us a call on 01568 708819 or email


Red Tractor will measure:

  • The transparent area of the windows equates to a minimum of 3% of the floor area
  • Windows are evenly distributed providing uniform daylight throughout the building
  • Windows are double glazed to provide insulation and prevent condensation
  • Glass windows are toughened on the inside for added safety
  • Shutters are fitted in order that daylight can be closed out if required (e.g. during extremely hot or cold days)
  • Windows are open from day 5 during daylight hours unless veterinary advice states otherwise


Visit our website page on windows and the options available