Monday, June 12, 2017
Out and about last week near Thirsk
Broiler Housing, concrete base

For those who don't apprecaite the importance of a good base our team are keen to point out this one!  We're working for a new customer to Powell & Co. just outside Thirsk.  He's previously used another supplier for his broiler housing but we're pleased to say, is using our expertise for his next 2 broiler sheds and amenity block.

We know that every aspect of a build is important and the civil engineering contractors who constructed the base shown in the picture worked under considerable time pressure.  With the entire concrete slab and walls in before our construction team were on site we've been able to press on to ensure the customer is getting their bespoke build, on time and to our exacting quality standards.

All ventilation and internal fittings to be supplied by Dalton Engineering.