Thursday, June 22, 2017
Powell's customer staying cool and saving in this hot spell.
Solar, broiler sheds

This Powys farmer has been a Powell’s customer for his broiler business since 2010.  The shed we installed last year also included a 50kW solar system, ideally suited to the electricity demands of his broiler houses, fitted with a J F Mc Kenna ventilation system.

During this current hot spell, demand for electricity reaches it peak when cooling and ventilation is required - this suits solar which produces most of its power during the daylight summer hours.  A 50kw system is saving on average £5,000 in electricity and earning around £1,600 from the Feed in Tariff scheme.

This installation was technically involved, as the local grid operator WPD, required us to restrict the export of the solar system using an approved Export Limiter.   With a generator on site we also needed to ensure the solar system would be isolated if the generator was ever running - to stop any electricity flowing back to the grid in the event of a power cut, which could be required whilst engineers were working on the grid.

Our customer is so impressed with the system, he’s now having one on his farmhouse!